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Creative Sarees is an ethnic fashion house that curates, designs and creates Indian apparel. Our store collections have been inspired from the agenda of offering one of a kind designs with the high quality standards. Our collections are curated from textile art forms from all over India. We believe in the philosophy of building from our traditional roots and that is why our collection will have a wide range of traditional sarees such as the “Patola” sarees which were first made in Patan, Gujarat, the “Banarasee” silk saree whose history can be dated back till the 14th century during the Mughal Era and also a saree with may be the deepest roots in history the “Bandhani” sarees, “Bandhani dots can be seen in the 6th century paintings depicting the life of Buddha would on the wall of Cave 1 at Ajanta”.

Besides our traditional inspired collection, we also are at the forefront of creating sarees that are inspiring and elegant. In house trend setting designers come up with the most stylish and unique looks for our customers who want to stand out and look radiant. We believe in using the best quality materials to create our sarees so that our customers do not get disappointed.

Lastly, our most important belief is that all sarees should be unique and that’s why you will never see one kind of design in more than one saree at CreativeSarees.com